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Did you know?

You have a fantastic opportunity to commemorate important family occasions,
such as Baptisms, Wedding Days, Anniversaries and Birthdays or In memoriam,
by having a paver engraved for the area outside of our New Community Hall.

You could even buy one on behalf of a business,club or society.

We still have room for more pavers but please note that we do not do these pavers one at a time we have to wait for 5 to be purchased, this means it could take up to a year or even over to get them engraved.

Costs are
£60   for a paver with 2 lines x 16 characters.
£80   for a paver with 3 lines x 16 characters.
£100 for a paver with 4 lines x 16 characters.

Please remember that spaces and punctuation marks also count as characters.

You are welcome to visit our church gardens to sit and reflect and see the pavers in situ.

If you are interested in purchasing a paver or making a donation towards our beautiful old church and its modern community hall.
please enter your details on the form in the Contacts page and a leaflet or the relevant information will be emailed to you.

any donations by cheques should be made payable to Castle Bromwich PCC
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St Mary and St Margaret Church
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Tel: 0121 747 1270

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