St Mary and St Margaret Church

Baptisms (Christenings)


We are delighted you are seeking baptism for yourself or your child.

Baptism enquiries - please complete and submit your enquiry via this online form:

Someone from our Baptism Team will be in touch within 5 working days to discuss your enquiry. Any information you need to know about having a baptism in church can be found on the Church of England site, please click on relevant link below
For a Child
For an Adult

Baptism is offered to all who live within the parish, or who attend St Mary and St Margaret's church regularly.

If you live outside of the parish & wish to have your child baptised with us you must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

1)  You have attended worship at church on Sundays or Wednesdays, at least twice a month, for at least 6 months prior to the baptism (recently or in the past).

2)  You are seeking the baptism of a child whose brother or sister has already been baptised at St Mary and St Margaret church. 

3)  You were married at St Mary and St Margaret church, or are intending to be married here, and are seeking baptism for your children. 

4)  You are seeking baptism as an adult and are willing to undertake preparation classes (3hrs in total) to learn more about the Christian faith. You need to bring your completed permission form with you to the Thanksgiving service that you are invited to attend. We also require you to attend, as a family, at least one Sunday 10.00 am service prior to your child’s baptism.  Please inform us which Sunday you plan to attend, so we are aware and can welcome you into the church.

Baptism takes place on the first Sunday of the month: 
  • at the 10.00 Parish Eucharist when 2-3 families have their children baptised. This is Main Service of the week and is known as the Parish Eucharist (ie, a Communion Service). 
  • at the 14.00 Baptism Service, which is bi-monthly, and when up to 2 families have their children baptised. This service is baptism only and allows us to give our full attention to families who may be less familiar with church services. It takes 30 -40 minutes depending on numbers.  All families who have booked a 2.00 pm baptism service, will need to attend a 10.00 am service, after the baptism, to receive the certificate of baptism. 
The solemn vows parents and Godparents take are a serious commitment to bring children up in the Christian faith.
In particular, Godparents must be baptized; if you need further information, please refer to the FAQ section. 
We do ask that parents and Godparents commit to a period of preparation: attendance at a Thanksgiving and Preparation on a Sunday afternoon when we thank God for the gift of your child and explain the symbolism and liturgy of the Baptism Service. You will also receive a home visit from our Baptism Team.
There is no charge for the sacrament of baptism 

In line with the Government Roadmap we are delighted to open our doors again to Baptism families.  We will be working through requests in date order.  It is likely to be some months before we clear those postponed from 2020.  However, we welcome all new enquiries - but whilst we work through the backlog - we would appreciate your patience in this matter.


Many people who bring their children to baptism become involved in the life of the church and seek full membership. Confirmation classes (6 week course) are run once a year, usually in the Spring with Confirmation taking place at a Deanery Service on Ascension Day.