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Rector's Message, 19th June 2019

I write just a few days after Trinity Sunday, when we celebrate God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Christian belief in the Holy Trinity reflects the diversity within the Godhead. God is not distant and remote, but demonstrates love and communicates within the Trinity itself - three persons, one God, a community of love, who has shown that love to us. 

Trinity Sunday fell this year on Father's Day. God the Father, however, is not called as such because God is male - the Bible teaches us that men and women are created equally in the image of God. In ancient times Fathers were providers; breadwinners. They were the leaders of their households. In calling God "Father" we recognise God as loving ruler, creator and our Lord (another male term but also one which denotes respect, position and authority.) Sometimes as a Rector people choose to call me "Father". I have no children - but what people are meaning there is that I am a priest and leader of a local church community in Castle Bromwich. We pray to "Our Father" in the Lord's prayer.

God the Son is Jesus - one who has always existed with the Father, but who came to earth and was born a human, of the Virgin Mary. Jesus was the perfect human - reflecting fully the image of God. He came in obedience to the will of his Father in heaven, lived among us, and died on a cross for our salvation. He rose again and ascended back to the Father in heaven. Again, when we think of Jesus, we think not of his maleness, but his humanity - he identified with us and lived the human life, so he knows what it means to experience joy and suffering alike.

God the Holy Spirit is often depicted as a dove, or fire, or wind. The Holy Spirit is God's Spirit - present with us, helping us to know the Father and Jesus better, and equipping us to spread his kingdom in the world. We may think of Spirits positively or negatively - but the Holy Sprit we know is good and holy, always working with us to help us grow and become more like God would wish us to be - but never manipulative or co-ercive. Jesus when on earth performed his miracles "in the power of the Spirit", and "in obedience to the father." The Holy Trinity is God working togther, in perfect harmony, to fulfil God's purposes in the world.

It was my pleasure last Sunday to preside at a communion service where 10 children from our local school received Holy Communion for the first time; learning what it meant to be part of a Christian family and exprience the presence of God through the sharing of Bread and Wine. As we too think about the Holy Trinity - God as creator, God living among us to save us, God helping us to know his presence and power, my prayer is that we all will learn something new about our loving God.

Best wishes,

Rev Mark Hopkins

Thank you for visiting this page and exploring more about our church. Here at St Mary and St Margaret Church we are committed to growing and learning together what it means to share the love of Jesus and love to welcome new and old into our family. 

Our vision this year is built around four ships:

Fellowship - our commitment to support and look after one another, as we also socialise and enjoy each other's company. 
Worship - helping young and old to encounter God through a range of services, from traditional Sung Communion to cafe church.
Discipleship - helping each other to learn more about the wonder of our Lord Jesus Christ, and how we live alongside one another as a community 
Leadership - learning to use our talents and gifts to build up others.

I hope you find our website helpful as you seek more information about our church and community life. Please get in touch with us if you have further questions, or search for our Facebook Page, St Mary and St Margaret Church Castle Bromwich!

Rev Mark Hopkins

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